Richard is an extremely thoughtful person in all things around content. As such, he has a unique ability to get to the core value point of any content offering and to communicate that incredibly well. He has helped me and our company immensely, generating first-class content and communicating it extremely well.  He’s flat out brilliant in all things involving communications.
— Brian Hamilton, Chairman Sageworks
Richard is a friend and a trusted advisor who brings honesty, wisdom and integrity to our work together. His ideas about sound and art have been integral to the success of our multi-media art installation, UNPACKED: Refugee Baggage. Richard cares deeply about the quality and integrity of our mission to humanize the word ‘refugee.’
— Mohamad Hafez, multimedia artist and architect
It’s extraordinary to witness Richard’s mind at work. He is an audio connoisseur, and puts his heart into making every sound bite as powerful as it can be. It’s a privilege to work with him on building podcasts and developing their audiences. You won’t find his level of experience and mix of skills anywhere else in the industry.
— Michelle Khouri, Principal of Creative Powerhouse and host of The Cultured Podcast
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I had an excellent experience working with Richard Davies. We produced top quality podcasts for my clients and prospects. Richard took the time to really understand my investment and wealth management abilities and he was able to highlight these in our work. He quickly understood my passions and was able to create audio segments that brought out these messages with style and strength. I highly recommend Richard Davies - a pleasure to work with.
— Robert T. Lutts President and Chief Investment Officer of Cabot Wealth Management, Inc.
Robert T. Lutts