I'm Richard Davies and I'm passionate about podcasts.

They're about storytelling. No other medium makes such an intimate connection with its audience. It's just you and that voice in your ear. 

More than one in five Americans are listening to podcasts each month.

If your brand uses websites, blogs, social, video, webinars and email marketing to reach customers or supporters, podcasting should be part of your media mix. 



DaviesContent  makes creative and provocative podcasts that add core value to your branded content. From our production house in New York City, we collaborate with the best in the business - top notch sound designers, vocal talent, script writers, producers and engineers. 

Our clients include Solutions Journalism Network, The El Paso TimesCabot Wealth Management, and Sageworks, a leader in financial analysis of privately held companies. Listen to our recent work for The El Paso Times and Sageworks.

Companies and non-profits have a vast amount expertise. Branded content can connect consumers and followers to your knowledge base.

Our audio production includes recording, editing and mixing. In the field, we record with Zoom H4 and H5 audio recorders and Shure SM58 microphones. We also record interviews via Skype and face-to-face at our Manhattan studio. 


  • Business Podcast Consulting
  • Media Training
  • Voice Coaching


  • Solutions Journalism Network
  • Sageworks
  • Cabot Wealth Management

We offer a one-hour free consultation to prospective clients.


Meet Richard Davies

In my 29 years at ABC News, I reported from four continents and more than 20 nations. I was at the Berlin Wall in November, 1989 and in the streets of lower Manhattan on the morning of the 9/11 attacks. While covering wars, political campaigns, and royal weddings, I learned the importance of clear, honest reporting. There’s a world of difference between creative, compelling storytelling and the speech equivalent of elevator music. 

The first thing we did at DaviesContent was to launch the weekly news and current affairs podcast, How Do We Fix It?

We can make your branded content podcasts from start to finish. We also offer consulting services such as podcast production, formats and programming, editing, hosting, royalty free music and advice on the best equipment.

I'd like to work with you personally, one-on-one, discussing your goals and adding value to your brand. 

Check out Richard's blog.


Our People

Diane Dimond is an experienced TV/ radio journalist, reporter and host. She is also a highly talented voiceover artist. Diane is a contributing writer for Newsweek/The Daily Beast. and writes a crime and justice newspaper column for Creators Syndicate.  She has worked as a correspondent for Hard Copy, Extra, Entertainment Tonight and Court TV. Her work is featured on our "Next-Level Accountant" podcasts produced by DaviesContent for Sageworks.

Jim Meigs is Richard’s co-host on the DaviesContent podcast, “ How Do We Fix It?” A highly experienced magazine journalist, Jim was Editor-in-Chief at Popular Mechanics for ten years until May, 2014, and former Editorial Director, Men’s Enthusiast Group, Hearst Magazines.

Liz White is an experienced broadcast journalist with a warm, intelligent voice. A first-rate storyteller, she's a news host on WQXR FM public radio, New York.  Previously Liz was a news and talk host at ABC News Radio, FOX News Radio and at 1010WINS Radio. Liz is a co-founder of and writer-in-residence at Kids Write Now,  a classroom-based writing and character education program presenting workshops on issues including mental health, drug and alcohol abuse and sexual orientation.

Kaitlin Prest is an award winning audio artist working in radio, performance and installation. She works creatively directing independent podcast projects (The Heart//PRX's Radiotopia, Life of the Law//APM). She does public speaking and private consulting about storytelling with sound (Third Coast International Audio Festival, Union DocsTransom Story Workshop).

Our senior producer isMiranda Shafer and Mathew Passy. Miranda is a talented writer, videographer, audio producer and editor who produces the How Do We Fix It? podcast.  She has a post-graduate degree in Media Studies from New School.  Mathew is a podcast producer and digital marketer, who runs his own audio consulting firm. A former producer and podcast director at The Wall Street Journal Radio Network, Mathew hosts “PodUp”, a weekly show about the rapidly changing podcast industry.

Our sound engineer is Denise Barbarita, who owns Mono Lisa Studio in Manhattan, where our shows are recorded and produced. We also work with musician, composer and audio technician Louis Stravinsky.


Our Case

The way we connect to media is rapidly changing. With smartphones, apps, and the connected car, Americans have much greater control over what they listen to. The generational shift is dramatic. According to Edison Research, 68% of 13-24 year-olds listen to audio on their smartphones daily.

Podcasts are no longer a niche platform. The audience is growing every year. In 2016, 21% of Americans (24% men, 18% women) have listened to a podcast in the last month, more than twice as much as in 2008. The fastest growth is among 25-54 year-olds. Podcasts listeners are affluent.

Podcasting is the most intimate way to build trust. Through storytelling, using ideas, imagination and emotion, the human voice connects with greater conviction than the printed word.

Podcasts are where your customers are – in their cars. Everyday, tens of millions of commuters spend hours alone, with little or no access to screen time. Podcasts are their companions. Whether you're behind the wheel, at the gym or walking in the park, podcasts are often the most convenient form of digital information.

Major auto manufacturers are taking note, installing Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay entertainment systems. Recently, Spotify and Audible have added podcasts to their audio selections. 



Robert T. Lutts
Richard is an extremely thoughtful person in all things around content. As such, he has a unique ability to get to the core value point of any content offering and to communicate that incredibly well.
He has helped me and our company immensely, generating first-class content and communicating it extremely well.  He's flat out brilliant in all things involving communications.

Brian Hamilton, Chairman Sageworks

I had an excellent experience working with Richard Davies. We produced top quality podcasts for my clients and prospects. 
Richard took the time to really understand my investment and wealth management abilities and he was able to highlight these in our work. He quickly understood my passions and was able to create audio segments that brought out these messages with style and strength. 
I highly recommend Richard Davies - a pleasure to work with.

Robert T. Lutts President and Chief Investment Officer of Cabot Wealth Management, Inc.