I'm Richard Davies. I'm passionate about podcasting.

What if you could deepen your relationship with clients, followers and customers with honest, authentic messaging that enhances trust and positions your brand as an industry leader?

With clear, captivating audio, you can.

Partnering with DaviesContent gives you a new way to produce thoughtful, well-produced and provocative podcasts that deliver your brand’s highest-value expertise to audiences you want to reach. Read Richard's latest writing on podcasting here.



Unlike social media, webinars, and web pages, podcasts are free of the constant distractions that pop up on mobile or computer screens. The connection is strong, Your audience listens with undivided attention while driving, exercising at the gym, or walking in the park. Podcasts are hands-free, eyes-free, distraction-free listening.

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity. More than one-in-four Americans listened to a podcast in the last month. The average listener hears an average of seven podcasts a week.  "The medium is inherently intimate, and easily creates a one-sided feeling of closeness between listener and host," says Wired Magazine.

According to Edison Research, 68% of 13-24 year-olds listen to audio on their smartphones every day. And yet, this report also shows that no single age group dominates listenership.

We’re storytellers who bring your narrative to life

We understand the intimacy of podcasts. Led by network news veteran Richard Davies, DaviesContent collaborates with the best in the business from our headquarters in New York City. We work with innovative sound designers, vocal talent, script writers, media coaches, producers and engineers.

We can come to you...

We edit and produce high-quality audio. And we can come to you with our portable Zoom H6 audio recorders and Shure SM58 microphones. We use Skype to record remote interviews.


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Meet Our Clients


One Day University Podcast

One Day University® brings together professors from the finest universities in the country to present special versions of their very best lectures - LIVE. The professors who teach at One Day U have won many teaching awards and earned the highest possible ratings from their students on campus. On this podcast series, Richard interviews the professors. Each episode also includes excerpts from their One Day U lectures, delivered across the country.



IOM - THE U.N. MIGRATION AGENCY. “A Way Home Together: Stories of the Human Journey"

This podcast series tells the personal stories of migrants and refugees from across the world. Combining impeccable audio and compelling sound design, the first six episodes of "A Way Home Together: Stories of the Human Journey" are hosted by Ahmed Badr, a charismatic 19 year-old Iraqi-American refugee. More episodes will be released this summer with Tolu Olubunmi. In the first two episodes, Badr immerses us in his family’s remarkable refugee story, including the bombing of their home in Baghdad in 2006, and how they fled to Syria and were ultimately resettled in the U.S. by the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration(IOM). Richard Davies is the executive producer, responsible for the podcast format, writing and sound design.

"How Do We Fix it?"

How Do We Fix It? is a show about solutions hosted by Richard Davies and Jim Meigs. Davies and Meigs are journalists who’ve spent decades covering America and the world. In every field they've followed, problems make headlines. But there is far too little talk about fixes. Instead of merely complaining or yelling across the divide, they look at new research and fresh thinking.  Each week on How Do We Fix It?, innovative thinkers sit down and discuss the issue they know best. They are asked to bring practical solutions as well. DaviesContent produces the show, including developing all scripts and managing sound design.



Mohamad Hafez’s “Unpacked”

Unpacked: Refugee Baggage is a touring exhibition and a testament to the power of audio to humanize its content. Seeking to give a face and voice to the refugee experience, artist and architect Mohamad Hafez partnered with Ahmed Badr (of the “Together” podcast) and DaviesContent to bring refugee stories to life through the marriage of visual art and audio. Open suitcases with miniature building interiors and streetscapes are accompanied by short audio clips in which refugees tell their stories. DaviesContent is a consultant and audio producer for this innovative project. Interviews are conducted by Ahmed Badr.


Hagerty Sidedrafts is an ode to the noteworthy characters and tales in the high-shine realm of classic cars. Episodes are hosted by Hagerty Classic Car Editor-in-Chief Larry Webster and produced by DaviesContent.

Other clients:




Richard brings to his client partnerships a deep background in professional journalism, an insatiable passion for telling others’ stories, and sophisticated technical expertise in sound editing. He shares these talents with generosity and grace, as well as a crystal-clear commitment to the needs and interests of his collaborators, enabling them to entertain, inform, and influence. We love working with Richard and his team.
— Deb Mashek, Executive Director, Heterodox Academy.
Richard is an extremely thoughtful person in all things around content. As such, he has a unique ability to get to the core value point of any content offering and to communicate that incredibly well. He has helped me and our company immensely, generating first-class content and communicating it extremely well. He’s flat out brilliant in all things involving communications.

— Brian Hamilton, Chairman, Brian Hamilton Foundation.
It’s extraordinary to witness Richard’s mind at work. He is an audio connoisseur, and puts his heart into making every sound bite as powerful as it can be. It’s a privilege to work with him on building podcasts and developing their audiences. You won’t find his level of experience and mix of skills anywhere else in the industry.
— Michelle Khouri, Principal of Creative Powerhouse and host of The Cultured Podcast
I had an excellent experience working with Richard Davies. We produced top quality podcasts for my clients and prospects. Richard took the time to really understand my investment and wealth management abilities and he was able to highlight these in our work. He quickly understood my passions and was able to create audio segments that brought out these messages with style and strength. I highly recommend Richard Davies - a pleasure to work with.
— Robert T. Lutts President and Chief Investment Officer of Cabot Wealth Management, Inc.

ABOUT Richard Davies

Richard Davies is an esteemed radio journalist, speaker, podcaster, news junky, and the driving force behind DaviesContent.


“I’ve always been captivated by listening to information, listening to music, listening to the radio for news,” says Richard. His fascination runs deep. Richard recorded his first newscast at the age of nine using his father’s briefcase-sized Sony tape recorder. He spent countless hours creating handwritten newspapers on A4 paper for his parents. Between the ages of 12 and 14 he delivered newspapers each afternoon. Those childhood experiences would foreshadow a nearly four-decade career as a national and international radio reporter and newscaster.

Born to a British mum and dad, Richard found himself uprooted at the age of 14 when his parents decided to move back to the U.K. from the U.S. The upheaval led to a change in his thinking. “I’ve always identified with outsiders and underdogs. I believe societies that accept people from outside the mainstream are stronger than those that don’t,” he explains.

Richard’s career began after he received a Bachelor's degree in history from the University of Sussex in Brighton, England. He found his way back to the U.S. in 1984 to cover the presidential campaign. After a brief stint at CNN in New York, he joined ABC News as a field reporter, moving into the role of newscaster, business correspondent and show host during 29 years with the company.

Richard reported from four continents and 35 U.S. states.

He covered the 2008 Wall Street financial crash; the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany; 1984 - 2016 Presidential elections; OPEC oil conferences; the run-up to the First Gulf War (on assignment for six weeks in Jordan); the assassination of Anwar Sadat; and the collapse the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11.

His lifetime of experience has given Richard a strong belief in the power of words and the importance of truth. 

“I’d like to make a difference. I know I’m one pebble in the ocean, but it’s my hope that one pebble can send out enough ripples to change other currents,” he says.

Richard hopes to make waves with DaviesContent, a cause-driven, quality-backed and expertly-managed audio production house.

To hear how Richard contributes personally to the news media climate, listen to his weekly podcast How Do We Fix It? which takes a positive, solutions-focused approach to current events. You can also read Richard's blog here.

Richard’s podcast playlist:



Diane Dimond is an experienced TV/ radio journalist, reporter and host. She is also a highly talented voiceover artist. Diane is a contributing writer for Newsweek/The Daily Beast, and writes a crime and justice newspaper column for Creators Syndicate.  She has worked as a correspondent for Hard Copy, Extra, Entertainment Tonight and Court TV. Her work is featured on our Next-Level Accountant podcasts produced by DaviesContent for Sageworks.

Ahmed Badr is a published writer, photographer, poet and host of “Together: Personal Stories of Migrants and Refugees”, produced by DaviesContent. With work appearing on NPR, Instagram, The Huffington Post, Adobe, IOM, and others, Ahmed explores the intersection between storytelling, poetry, youth empowerment and the refugee experience.

Jim Meigs is Richard’s co-host on the weekly DaviesContent news and solutions podcast, How Do We Fix It?. A highly experienced magazine journalist, Jim was Editor-in-Chief of “Popular Mechanics” (2004-14) and former Editorial Director, Men’s Enthusiast Group, Hearst Magazines.

Miranda Shafer is our senior producer senior producer. Miranda is a talented writer, audio producer, show runner and editor, who produces the weekly solutions journalism podcast, How Do We Fix It?. She has a postgraduate degree in Media Studies from The New School.

Mathew Passy is a podcast designer, host and consulting. An expert on audio equipment, hosting questions and podcasting design, Mathew is an invaluable source of information. His new podcast, The Podcast Bulletin, features news and advice about the podcast industry.