Beyond the demands of the written word, onslaught of video, and tidal wave of images inundating audiences, audio exists in a place of its own; a world where a cup of coffee and breath of fresh air, a 30-minute session at the gym, a binge-listening plane ride, or a morning commute beg for the magic of hands-free, eye-free, distraction-free listening.

We’re storytellers who bring your narrative to life

Led by network news veteran Richard Davies, DaviesContent collaborates with the best in the business from our headquarters in New York City. Top-notch sound designers, vocal talent, script writers, producers and engineers join forces to transform our client’s messages.

Our production services include recording, editing and mixing high-quality audio. Our Manhattan studio offers a comfortable homebase for hosting guests and recording crisp-sounding content. And we can come to you with our Zoom H4 and H5 audio recorders and Shure SM58 microphones. We are also capable of connecting with a world of perspectives by recording interviews via Skype.


  • Podcast & Audio Production
  • Branded Podcast Consulting
  • Media Training
  • Voice Coaching


DaviesContent offers prospective clients, like you, a free one-hour consultation.

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